Dreams become reality and action becomes cinema.
Doran “The Mystic Warrior”-the superhero inside all of us-welcomes you to his multiverse.
Come and meet him!

Donato Lecce Vs. Doran Eccel

With a degree in law, an international Master’s degree in Theology and Philosophy, in Coaching and Human Potential Development, Donato Lecce is a successful entrepreneur in the business services sector. Since childhood, he has cultivated the dream of expressing the best part of himself including his artistic point of view; symbols from ancient civilizations provided the key to materializing his dream and revealing its most profound and mysterious essence.

The goal of Donato – who also holds a black belt in Krav Maga, Karate and Taekwondo – is to profoundly comprehend his own spiritual and creative nature, and apply this knowledge to the successful integration of his artistic and professional activities.
In this sphere, Donato Lecce reveals his true self and gives life to the mysterious and magnetic Doran Eccel or “The Mystic Warrior,” successful entrepreneur who, through his own experience of personal and professional growth, shares his philosophy of life, his quest for the perfect synthesis between athletic preparation, aesthetic expression and spirituality.


“Doran – A Warrior is Born” is the 12 episode docuseries, accessible cost free on the YouTube channel “Doran The Story,” which recounts the protagonist’s journey as a successful entrepreneur and of Doran Eccel “The Mystic Warrior.” All in a crescendo of content ranging from communication, to sports, to the body/mind relationship, not to mention behind the scenes moments on the film set.

Doran The Multiverse Mystic Warrior

Donato Lecce’s approach represents a 360 degree immersion into various fields of communication, from music to publishing to cinema. All revolving around the figure of the fictional character “Doran – The Mystic Warrior” and  storytelling through  a multiverse of content.


The comic book trilogy is the first artistic project and tells the story of the Mystic Warrior Doran.
The three volumes, The Dawn of a Warrior, Connection Quantum and The Original Metaverse, represent the complete story of protagonist Doran Eccel, from entrepreneur to Mystic Warrior, a superhero masterfully depicted by talented Italian cartoonists, directed by Federica Manfredi.
The three volumes are available.


Music is the second artistic medium used to convey Doran’s story.
“Doran – The Music Series” is a project that recounts the birth and evolution of the fictional character “Doran – The Mystic Warrior” through music, featuring individual songs accompanied by video clips of action film scenes that make up Doran Eccelʼs Multiverse.
The album is also available on Spotify.


“Doran The Mystic Warrior” is also an action film, the third and final element  completing the Doran Eccel Artistic  Multiverse. Following the  musical interpretation and artistic rendering of his superhero character, Doran continues his journey as Donato Lecce the actor, directed cinematically in a series of compelling and action packed audiovisual scenes. Mystical atmospheres and spectacular landscapes complete the story…

Doran Experience

Donato Lecce’s life and artistic experience is encapsulated in a series of images shot behind the scenes that reveal how his alias Doran Eccel “The Mystic Warrior” was conceived and developed.
The energy emanating from these photographs is a visual testimonial to the essence of a modern warrior, represented by the synthesis of action and contemplation, of technology and primal nature, of being and appearing.


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